Website design, programming, implementation, content management systems, data warehousing and database design.

Content Management Systems

Our CMS can be used for any dynamic website where the data is used to build the site.

Our modules can maintain membership records for clubs and organisations, cataloges of sales products for shopping sites, forums and blog sites as well as many other applications.

If you need a public portal as well as a private (members) portal and a rock solid control panel then look no further...

Templates for clubs and organisations

Our CMS has been used for a number of clubs and organisations in Wales who use the system to keep a register of their members and keep their membership informed of events and the history of the organisation.

Members can log in and record their performance and analyse their progress in whatever sport or activity the club or organisation concerns.

Data Warehousing

Specialising in storage and retrieval of any sort of digital material, our warehousing projects include the National Cycle Library Digital Archive which currently stores around 6000 documents totalling some 24 Gigabytes.

Storing documents is not enough. You need to be able to catalogue digital media and notate each piece so that the search alogorithms can find exactly what the client is searching for. No point in having filing cabinets full of stuff if you can't find it when you want it.