Website design, programming, implementation, content management systems, data warehousing and database design.

About NashLabs

Primarily a database solution provider based in mid-Wales, Martin Nash has worked for the University of Wolverhampton for 7 years developing their interactive multimedia language learning CD-ROMs.

There are currently 10 English CDs distributed by Edulang.

Since then he has carried on supporting the University and, in particular, the School of Languages and provided programming and support for the Elan Project.

He currently provides website design and implementation solutions for interactive websites, content management systems and data warehousing using PHP and mySQL.

Currently contracted to Central Administration Limited, he provides ongoing design and support for their main websites Save Money Conveyancing and WouldULike Furniture as well as taking individual contracts on an ad hoc basis.

NashLabs Projects

One of the more well known projects is the Veteran-Cycle Club Digital Library which has some 7500 documents available for download.

Other interests include archery and Martin has developed websites for the following organisations:

About Martin Nash

Having taken a degree in Software Engineering, Martin also specialises in data analysis and data production. He was responsible for generating wildlife distribution maps and maps of sites of special scientific interest (SSSIs) for Shropshire when working for the Telford Nature Conservation Trust.

Martin, as a product of 1970's Birmingham, started working life as an engineer and later became a motor mechanic amongst other things. This has given him a broad understanding of most mechanical engineering and motor vehicle engineering projects and explains his fanatical devotion to Formula 1 and all motor sports.

Martin Nash has been in the computing industry for 30 years now and has been programming manager at Jentech in Bridgenorth, technical manager for the Amstrad Business Centre, general manager at PBS Birmingham Ltd. and technical director of Computer Partners Ltd.

Both the latter companies dealt mainly with bespoke software development in the production and accounting fields using DOS-based and Windows-based relational databases.