January 2015

Ongoing work with the National Cycle Collection and the Veteran-Cycle Club

National Cycle Library

We are proud to be involved with the NCC located in the Automobile Palace in Llandrindod Wells. We are helping generate an online database of some of the museum's most interesting archives. Eventually, the three main archives in the UK (the NCC, the National Cycle Archive at Warwick University and the Veteran-Cycle Club) will all be available in a searchable online facility called the National Cycle Library (NCL).

The facility will cover manuals and documents from 1870 to 1918 mainly to start with. More material will be added as the museums volunteers get time to scan in the documents. Your searches can help. The software can analyze recorded searches and give the volunteers a guide to which sort of information you want to see on the website.

July 2013
This month is another milestone for the library - approaching 6000 documents for download.

CMS Control Panel

The NashLabs CMS system has a simple to use control panel that can be used to install all our modules quickly.

The system is already in use on the following websites:

The Welsh Archery Association

Powys Archery Association

Radnor Foresters Archery Club

Fair Deal Conveyancing

WoulduLike Furniture

The National Cycle Collection

The National Cycle Digital Library

Brian Osborne - Electrician

Poplar House B&B near Bath

Our catalogue of existing modules:



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Event Diary

Bespoke website programming

We can produce CMS modules to your specification. Drop us a line or call to discuss what functionality you require.

From External / Internal sites, admin panels and shopping carts, libraries and stores to clubs or organisational sites.

Do you need special modules for producing Adobe Acrobat documents on the fly such as invoices, orders etc.?

Flow charts, line graphs, pie charts and distribution maps created on the fly from real time data.

CSS Showcase

In this area we can demonstrate how simple cascading style sheet changes can affect your whole website from a simple change of borders to a complete re-vamp.

You can even let the viewer change your site to suit their own needs (such as visual impairments of one sort or another).

Click on one of the colour scheme above to see the effect of simple css changes.